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Botswana – Revised list of prescribed products under the SIIR program


Since 2011, BV GSIT has been recognized to issue Compliance Certificates for several groups of products exported to Botswana under the SIIR program (Standards Import Inspection regulation) published on the 12th September 2008 in the Botswana Gazette.  The main purpose of SIIR is to control the quality of the prescribed imports as listed in the regulations.

Recently, as per an official press release, BOBS (Botswana Bureau of Standards) has decided to add several products and related standards such as the bottled water under the SIIR program. The commencement date for the implementation of the revised SIIR list will start on the 1st June, 2013 from which all goods covered in the revised list must be accompanied with a Compliance Certificate for customs clearance.

For more information, please approach BV local offices.

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