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Bureau Veritas to terminate pre-shipments inspection activities in Mali and to operate transitional Documentary verification services


Importers have been notified that Pre-shipment inspection activities mandated by the User government of Mali for goods imported into their Customs territory have ended December 31st 2017 and are replaced by transitional Documentary Verification services, including tariff classification, price verification and issuance of a Documentary verification certificate intended to be used for customs clearance purposes.  

However, a PSI certificate is still be issued for all goods already inspected prior to January 1st 2018.Valid Import licenses of goods not inspected to  31th December 2017 and new Import licences opened as of January 1st 2018, will be turned into Documentary Verification services automatically. Whatever the certificate to be issued, either  for PSI or Documentary Verification services, Exporters are required to send their final documents to the Bureau Veritas Office in charge of their files, when available. Specific information for the Documentary verification services is available in the relevant Datasheet. 

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