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Iraq – ICIGI Products list being regularly updated


Under the ICIGI programs (Pre-import inspection, testing and certification program) implemented in the Central Iraq and the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the lists of regulated products are revised and updated very frequently, at least twice per month. Since the implementation of ICIGI programs, a lot of products and their related standards have been added to or removed from the lists.

Please be informed that all the added/removed products have been officially confirmed and approved by the Iraqi authorities - Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) and Kurdistan Standardization and Quality Control Administration (KSQCA). However, such updates may not be posted in time on the authorities’ website.

Therefore, please note that it is recommended to consult the latest edition of the product lists available on our Verigates website in order to check the applicable regulated products under ICIGI programs. Currently, the latest editions are the Ed. 8.4 for the ICIGI program in Central Iraq and the Ed. 3.3 for the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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