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Ghanaian Authorities appoint Bureau Veritas Group to launch the Verification of Conformity programme applicable to exports to GHANA from October 1st, 2014


Bureau Veritas BIVAC has been appointed by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to implement the Ghana Conformity Assessment (GCAP) Programme.

The categories of subjected products exported to Ghana are :

- Toys and Sports
- Electronic and Electrical products
- Automotive (including new and used vehicles)
- Chemical products
- Mechanical materials and gas appliances
- Paper and Stationery
- Furniture (wood and metal articles)
- Safety (personal protective equipment)
- Food and Food products
- Construction Materials
- Selected medical devices and pharmaceuticals
- Used products
- Fuel/Petroleum products
-Textile and footwear

The main objectives of this Conformity Assessment Programme are to :

- protect consumers against dangerous, sub-standard or counterfeit products
- improve quality of products through compliance with standards and regulations
- protect domestic industry from unfair competition of poor quality imports
- ease trade operations by recognizing existing conformity proof to avoid unnecessary re-testing

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