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SASO establishes the timeline for the implementation of SASO 2663: 2021

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Kindly note that SASO has informed Bureau Veritas of the following timeline to implement the updated version of SASO 2663: 2021 – “Air Conditioners - Minimum Energy Performance, Labelling and Testing Requirements for Low Capacity Window and Single-Split Types”.

SASO requires all suppliers to adhere with the following:

End of accepting applications through the electronic system (SLS) according to the previous standard version SASO 2663: 2018

End of issuing certificates of conformity from SABER for the previous standard SASO 2663: 2018

Termination of all consignment certificates that have been issued based on the previous standard SASO 2663: 2018 through SABER

Start the mandatory application of the updated standard SASO 2663: 2021 on local customs and factories

Mandatory application in local markets and warehouses

January 1st 2022

February 1st 2022

March 31st 2022

April 1st 2022

July 1st 2022

Please contact our local offices for additional information and inquiries.

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