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VOC Kuwait – New energy efficiency regulations to be implemented on 8th October 2024

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As per the ministerial decision 2023/16 published in Kuwait official journal on 8th October 2023, kindly note that PAI has adopted new technical regulations for the Energy Efficiency requirements.

All products under the scope of the below technical regulations must be compliant with applicable standards and be registered under PAI EER system prior import to Kuwait as of 8th October 2024:

  • KWS 1897:2023 - Rotating electrical machines – Efficiency classes of AC operated motors.
  • KWS 1898:2023 - Electric Clothes Dryers – Energy performance requirements and labeling.
  • KWS 1899:2023 - Electric Clothes Washing Machines – Energy and water performance requirements and labeling.
  • KWS 1900:2023 - Refrigerators, refrigerators-freezers and freezers – energy performance, testing and labeling requirements.

PAI is working on updating their website for applying for energy efficiency labelling, additional information will be posted once received.

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