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Zimbabwe CBCA - Extended list of products – SI 187 of 2023

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The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has released new Statutory Instruments (SI) 186 & 187 of 2023, which extends the list of products related to the Consignment Based Conformity Assessment Programme (CBCA).

These statutory Instruments and related regulation of new product categories will take full effect on 1 Jan 2024 (Date of Shipment). Meanwhile exporters can apply for a voluntary transitional certificate (Phase 1) between 21 October 2023 and 31 December 2023.

This Statutory instruments also introduces a penalty of 12% of CIF value of the consignment, imposed on importer for any shipment arriving without the required certificate and destination inspection (see updated datasheet for the programme).

The CBCA certificate is still required for all the products listed in the initial regulation SI 132 of 2015 as well as SI 124 of 2020 and with newly added products ushered in by the amendment SI 187 of 2023 being a mandatory requirement from 1 Jan 2024 (refer to our updated list of products available in the “Downloads” section of the Zimbabwe page).

For further information related to the CBCA program in Zimbabwe, please visit,
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