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​​Tanzania-TCRA EcoLevy program

The pre-shipment and collection of advance eco-levy fees for electronic communication equipment imported into the United Republic of Tanzania


Tanzania EcoLevy program: Bureau Veritas is the service provider mandated for the implementation of the shipment control  of new and used Telecommunication equipment and products with telecommunication function, exported to Tanzania.

All regulated products shall be accompanied with the EcoLevy Certificate for Customs clearance in Tanzania. The List of subject products is available under Downloads section.

Exporters will be required to pay an advance eco-levy on TCRA portal for imported Electronic and Communication equipment, submit required documents to Bureau Veritas, and upon satisfactory documentary review assessment and upon successful payment of EcoLevy amount, the EcoLevy Certificate will be issued for shipment clearance. Exporter needs to have an account on Tanzanite portal to receive bills and make payment. To register :

Bureau Veritas starts the assessment as per EcoLevy program requirements, and advises the applicant for the payment of the applicable eco levy.

The following documents will need to be presented to Bureau Veritas for the assessment:

  • Detailed invoice between the importer and exporter with clear identification of the products 
    (HS code, designation, brand name, model number, quantity, country of origin, condition new or used, weight, etc.)
  • TCRA type approval certificate for each equipment 
    Importers/Exporters shall ensure that goods to be imported are type approved by TCRA by verifying through
    To check if device is already type approved : 
    For any missing type approval :
  • Dismantling guides (for new products)
  • RoHS compliance evidence (for new products)
  • Exporter’s declaration (for used goods). Exporter shall declare that used goods are functional and are not e-waste. Inspection will be carried out prior export.
  • Importer’s TCRA valid License to import telecommunication equipment into Tanzania Website for importer’s online application:
  • And additional documents which may be needed based on provided information.

Exporter shall liaise with Bureau Veritas prior export of any subject products to have them assessed as per the EcoLevy program, have the eco levy amount determined and paid.


  • Reject import of Electronic waste and support the formalization of informal actors (complying with the Basel Convention)
  • Collect taxes (Eco Levy) to promote recycling for these products
  • Reduce the impact of E-waste on humans and on the environment by the reduction of pollutants at the end of cycle of the product
  • Create a means of implementing a sustainable target in line with Target 3.9: ‘Reduce illnesses and death from hazardous chemicals and pollution’ of the Sustainable Development Goal, number 3: ‘Good health and well-being’.


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