DRC authorities and Bureau Veritas to enhance progressively the control of the compliance of the shipments of the current program of verification of imports


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The ministry of Foreign Trade approved the contract for pre-export Verification of imports into the Democratic Republic of Congo between OCC and Bureau Veritas BIVAC BV to enhance the verification of product conformity to Congolese or international standards. This enhancement will progressively take place on 2018 by product families, starting February 1st. The assesment is based on Physical inspection, Control testing when needed, Documentary review, price analysis and Customs Valuation of goods.

For the conclusion of the assessment, Bureau Veritas BIVAC BV checks the inspection reports against the provided documents: upon satisfactory results an Attestation de Verification (AV) is issued, else an Avis de Refus d'Attestation (ARA).

Risk assessment and Facilitation procedures will be granted to encourage compliant exporters.

More details are specified in the Enhancement of the compliance document and data sheet.