Côte d'Ivoire - Amendment of the list of exempted goods under the VoC programme


voc en côte d'ivoire

The Ministry of Commerce, Crafts and SME Promotion has published a new list of exempted goods under the VoC Programme:

  • Gold and other precious metals;
  • Precious stones;
  • Explosives, arms, ammunitions and other war materials intended to national armed Forces and Forces of Order;
  • Live animals;
  • Fresh vegetable and fruits;
  • Fresh and frozen fish;
  • Fresh and frozen meat;
  • Plants and floriculture products;
  • Local products or traditional crafts from community origin;
  • Pharmaceutical products and raw materials used in pharmaceutical products manufacturing;
  • Newspapers and periodical magazines, post stamps, revenue stamps, bank notes, check books, passports and certain other printed documents;
  • Personal belongings and used household effects;
  • Used vehicles;
  • Crude oil or partially refined;
  • Imports for diplomatic entities or international organizations for their own use;
  • Imported goods and equipment materials intended to oil and mining industries;
  • Imports under free port regime;
  • Production machinery subject or benefiting from exemption as part of the Investments Code on request sent to the Follow-Up Committee of the VoC Programme.

Bureau Veritas has been appointed by the Ministry of Commerce, Crafts and SME Promotion for the implementation of this VoC programme.
Subject goods will have to be assessed prior export to Côte d'Ivoire and will have to comply with the VoC programme and related applicable technical requirements.

The list of exempted products, a guideline, a list of contacts and other useful information are available on the "Côte d'Ivoire" page of Verigates.com.
Send your Request for Certificate on-line or to the local Bureau Veritas contact (see list of contacts).

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