Bureau Veritas' contract has been renewed by KEBS to operate the Pre-export Verification of Conformity Programme


Kebs pvoc
Bureau Veritas has been appointed for a new contract by KEBS to provide PVoC services on its behalf. 
The new contract takes effect on 19th February 2018 for which operating zones of each service provider have been amended.

Bureau Veritas provides PVOC services to consignments shipped from the below regions:
United Kingdom and parts of Europe
China region including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia
India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nepal
Northern America
United Arab Emirates
Southern Africa

The PVoC programme requires goods exported to Kenya to comply with applicable standards, to be verified in export country, to be accompanied with a Certificate of Conformity issued by one of the selected company. This VoC Programme is a CBCA "Consignment Based Conformity Assessment" service for which Bureau Veritas is accredited ISO/IEC 17020. 

Please refer to the updated datasheet available on Verigates portal - Kenya page. 

Send your Request for Certificate on-line or to the local Bureau Veritas contact (see list of contacts). 

For more information, please email to: conformity.kenya@ke.bureauveritas.com
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