KSA – 4th Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Forum


IPR Forum

The Saudi customs organize the Fourth Arab Forum for combating fraud and counterfeiting.

The forum was held in Riyadh between May 5th and 7th 2015, with a number of stakeholders involved in fighting commercial fraud, counterfeiting and IPR protection at local, regional and international levels, as well as several global trademark holders.

The vision of this forum was the participation at the regional and international levels in effort to combat commercial fraud, counterfeiting and IPR protection, with a mission to continue the concerted efforts at local and international levels to combat fraud counterfeiting and violation of IPR to preserve safety and health of the community and protect the national and global economy.

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The activities of the fourth forum also included presentations of many working papers by prominent personalities from inside the Kingdom and abroad (The Saudi customs, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, US customs, Korean custom, WTO, WCO, WIPO, Interpol, etc...), in addition to a number of workshops addressing the menace of commercial fraud and counterfeiting and related works in this regard provided by several companies and sponsors local and international (Saudi customs, SFDA, SASO, WTO, WCO, Bureau Veritas, SGS, Intertek, TUV, Huawei, etc…).

Mr. Eric Sabatier (Senior Vice-President GSIT division) presented Bureau Veritas’ services in Consignment Based Conformity Assessment and testing at destination under the Saudi Arabian conformity assessment program.

During this event, the third Arab Exhibition was held and focused on awareness and introduction of available techniques to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit products; booths from the participating sponsors were available for such purpose.

Bureau Veritas presented its activities and role in helping to fight counterfeit and nonconforming products at its own booth.

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