Verigates product tour

With Verigates, your trade can reach new horizons

In the complex international trade, Verigates clarifies, facilitates and assists in ensuring you have the necessary certificates.  Everything will be clearer for you to follow.

On your Homepage, Benefit from a 360˚ view of your files by the use of 3 colours codes ; green for files under process ; blue for files that require your intervention ; and red for files that are currently suspended.
It’s that simple!

Consult and amend files in real time

On your Homepage (left hand side), your action priorities:

  • The list of files provisionally suspended
  • Files for which documents are still required
  • The certificates which are available

You can see everything instantaneously

On the right, your key data:

  • Number of files and shipments under process
  • Number of files requiring your intervention, pending or in process
  • Number of certificates issued or in process of issuance

Consult your imports/exports with just a few clicks

Designed as an everyday tool, Verigates simplifies your life and at all levels.

Real time consultation of files, uploading of documents, communication with Bureau Veritas, on-line date input and your certificate requests. With only a few clicks, you can control your operations from anywhere. Total autonomy!

Your records and shipments are completely transparent

Via the window <My Files> you have control:

  • Follow the file processing
  • Trace your shipments and the certificates under process
  • Targeted consultation of your records

Simplify your tasks in complete security

Between you and Bureau Veritas access is simple and flexible.  Each file allows you to:

  • File on-line and follow up on your Inspection Requests (RFI)
  • Upload and exchange documents at each key step
  • Direct liaison with your Bureau Veritas contact

Track your shipments

Operationally and highly intuitive, Verigates gives you real time access to the exact progression of your shipments and indicates any actions required on your part.  It provides efficient traceability accessible, from anywhere in the world.

Keep a clear vision at all times

You know exactly the status of your operations:

  • Progress bars let you know at a glance the stages already completed, in progress, and on-going.
  • You want to see the file details ? Just one click and everything appears

Clear indications when your intervention is required

The use of 3 distinct colours indicates clearly the current status of each file: Green, the file is OK, Blue requires your direct intervention and Red shows that the file is currently outstanding (and Verigates will indicate the precise reason).

With accuracy only a few clicks away, you gain freedom

Verigates assists you in managing the operation of your records down to the last detail.

Inspection reports, information on the progress of your file, copies of certificates – you can be a real time participant in the process of your files. You have total control.

Direct access to all useful information

With 4 specific tabs:

  • General Information for certificate requests and shipments
  • Inspection for dates, locations and a view of the inspection report
  • Final Documents for invoices, shipping documents
  • Certificate for review of your issued certificates

Inspection Report availability

Consult on-line the results of inspections and download them with a simple click. No time wasted.





Access all of your certificates for the past year

Verigates organizes your files in the order you require.

The space <My Certificates> provides clear historical data, ergonomic and secure. It simplifies your daily life.

A year’s data in a flash

Your space "my certificates" offers you an optimized consultation and filing of all certificates issued for last 365 days.

Download or print the PDF'sTM with a click.

Look no further – you found it!

To ensure ease of consultation, a search engine allows you to select the query criteria. The place to find a certificate instantly by a date, an invoice reference or folder...


Your dashboard gives you the key

What's more convenient than getting your statistics from a panel designed to cut to the chase?

Verigates gives you the keys to your success: follow the line and access data with different levels of customization of your reports … On your marks, ready, click!

All you data at your fingertips

Optimise the presentation of your files:

  • The standard report is ready-made and allows you to gain time.
  • A personalised report permits you to decide on the criteria and layout of the report
  • Advanced Report allows you to extract data in an ExcelTM format 

Figures speak for themself

To present your statistics, you have a choice of format and layout; you can download them in the format of your choice –  ExcelTM, PDFTM or even as an image.

Right information at the right time!

For a well organized business, timing can be critical. Being well informed is the corner stone to many key business decisions.  That’s why Verigates has a real-time alert system.

You choose your alerts

To ensure that you receive the information that you need
and to be able to follow in real-time all of your files, you can select, with several clicks the files that particularly concern you - and we take care of the rest!

The information is delivered to you, where you want it

The Alert System provided by Verigates advises you when the selected stage has been completed.

You will be notified immediately so that no time is lost.